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Doc Ed Lawless, our official club photopher for many years, took and collected many memorable pictures of jazz personalities. This page of exceptional images and unforgetable jazz personalities from the San Francisco jazz scene, is dedicated to the memory of Ed.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong - 9/24/65
The first annual "Dixieland at Disneyland" event.
Unfortunaely this only lasted for two years.

Louis Bellson

Louis Bellson - 7/3/70
At Louis Armstrong's 70th birthday party.
(The date Louis liked)

Bill 'Count' Basie
Bill "Count" Basie -1/7/77
Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

Bennie Carter
Benny Carter - 9/1/73
Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO.

Bob Crosby
Bob Crosby -10/1/66
Desert Inn Hotel, Las Vegas

Edward 'Kid' Ory
Edward "Kid" Ory - 9/25/65
"Dixieland at Disneyland".
The Riverboat at Disneyland was his regular gig.

Lee Wiley
Lee Wiley - 9/21/59
Grandview Inn, Columbus, Ohio.
This is a rare photo of Lee, taken after her official retirement.

Eddie Condon
Eddie Condon - 9/30/67
Eddie Condon's Club, New York

Toni Lee Scott
Toni Lee Scott - 3/11/77
The Barrel House, San Rafael
She sang mostly with Bob Scobie, Dick Oxtot, and her own band.

Peter Allen
Peter Allen - 1/20/85
NOJCNC at the Blue Dolphin
One of the grand old men of the Bay Area.

Bill Armstrong
Bill Armstrong - 10/21/90
NOJCNC at the Blue Dolphin
Known especially for getting young kids interested in trad jazz, leader of The Churchill Street JB

Teddy Buckner
Teddy Buckner - 11/5/66
The Huddle, Long Beach, CA
Long time gig at Disneyland, very well known

Ray Bauduc - 11/15/56
Ciro's Night Club, Columbus, Ohio.
Very popular headliner, especially in Las Vegas

Nappy Lamare
Nappy Lamare - 11/15/56
Ciro's Night Club, Columbus, Ohio.
Usually appeared with Ray Bauduc, though occasionally with his own band.